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RSS Is Still Better at News Tracking Compared to Social Media Sites Tags: best sms tracker

RSS or Really Simple Syndication, also known as Rich Site Summary, has been around for years but people thought that with the passing of Google Reader that it died off. RSS, for those who are unaware of it, is a standardized way of gathering and presenting certain texts and images in a feed. This can be used by a variety of web services and apps. In some respects, it is just like Twitter. However, when it comes to news tracking, RSS beats even gigantic social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter any day. Compared to such sites, RSS is faster and more efficient as indicated in a recent report.

One of the reasons why RSS is still being used today by news gatherers is due to the fact that its features catches everything that a particular site publishes and not just those articles that are considered popular among users. RSS not only includes recently released articles but even those from the date the site started publishing. In other words, everything that a particular site has published online is being monitored and tracked by RSS.

Not only does RSS track everything it also cuts out all those things that you do not want to see or hear about. This means that RSS users have full control of what appears in the main feed and what won’t. Unlike in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, you will not get feeds from friends that regularly throw links that you have no interest in.

Most importantly, unlike social media sites, you do not need to be online all the time to constantly refresh your RSS feed so that you will not miss out on anything. RSS will gather those information for you even while you are out shopping or hanging out with family or friends. RSS will continue to gather news to which you are interested in even if you are offline for 24 hours or more. Once you get back online, all news relevant to your interests will be reflected on your feed and just waiting for you to read them.

When following news on social media sites, unless you are following individual accounts and news stories, a particular news item will not come to you unless someone retweets or reposts them. Unlike such sites, RSS will gather all these information by best sms tracker relevant keywords from different sites that you have a particular interest in for you into one page instead of you opening several pages in order to read different news items.

RSS today is primarily being used for news feeds however this can also be used to track other stuff that are usually missed out when you follow only social media sites such as posts from a certain blog, unpopular topics that are not usually re-posted due to low views, and many others. RSS can also be used for weather updates, important event dates, new videos from Youtube channels and even monitoring new episodes to a certain show you are currently watching.


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